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Creone KeyBox System

Burglary resistant according to:
This item does not have a burglary resistant classification.

System is a series of key cabinets that are a bit more intelligent and flexible, where the keypad comes with a display to provide a good overview and easy programming. The cabinets can handle up to 500 users (Codes with 1-8 characters) and store up to 3,600 events. System can be administered via KeyWin Light. The cabinets are available in various models with 18, 32 or 216 key hooks or, alternatively, with 6 small compartments. All of the cabinets can be expanded using the Expansion series, by up to 15 cabinets in any combination. This means that there can be 96 compartments in just one system, which is controlled via just the one keypad.

KeyWin Light
The KeyWin Light PC program gives a better overview of the System series. You can check and control the system by plugging a USB flash drive with a service code into the cabinet. The event log is also downloaded to the USB flash drive, which you can then process on a computer.
Art. nr. Model External measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Internal measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Weight (kg) Hooks In stock
142111501 KeyBox 9001 S 280 x 350 x 85 275 x 145 x 60 6 32
142111701 KeyBox 9002 S 280 x 350 x 85 135 x 145 x 60 6 18
142111901 KeyBox 9006 S 280 x 350 x 85 40 x 145 x 60 6 0
142112101 KeyBox 9006 S Stainless steel 280 x 350 x 85 40 x 145 x 60 6 0
142112301 KeyBox 9500 S 730 x 746 x 140 720 x 540 x 120 28 216
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