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Burglary resistant

Burglary resistant

Choosing the right safe is easier said than done. The correct names fire resistant safe and burglary resistant safe are far too long for daily use and have been shortened to safe or fire safe. These products however can be divided in 3 categories: fire resistant, burglary resistant and burglary and fire resistant.

With our "Choose your safe program" you can easily find out which safe is most suitable for your needs. FIRSTLY, you need to consider what you want to protect and then what you want to protect this against. If you need advice you can contact us for personal assistance.

Insurance Rating

This indicates the amount of cash and valuables that can be expected to be covered by the insurance underwriters when items are locked in a safe which is secured in an appropriate way. However, depending on the security measures taken at the location where the safe is installed insurance underwriters are at liberty to decide on a different level of cover to those indicated here.

Tip: Always check that your own insurance underwriter approves of the insurance rating suggested for the safe you have chosen before making your purchase. Local factors can lower the insured value, but other circumstances may also raise the cash cover.

NCP Safe 1, 2, 3

Classifications (NCP) safe 1 till 4 expired on 01.01.2016. Until then sold products retain their Insurance Rating.

Euro Graded safes

These safes are formally tested security safes certified by the European Standard that is used to grade burglary resistant safes. Euro Graded safes are tested by an independent test institute. Tests at these institutes for burglary resistance are carried out by very experienced and qualified testers with the relevant knowledge and skills.  The results of their attempts to open the safes are translated into Resistance Units (RU) and the tools used and the time taken to open the safe are taken into account. The results are used to determine the correct grade for the safe.



 Insurance rating   cash

 Insurance rating

 Euro klasse 0       

 € 7.000,-

 € 14.000,-

 Euro klasse I

 € 10.000,-

 € 20.000,-

 Euro klasse II

 € 25.000,-

 € 50.000,-

 Euro klasse III

 € 45.000,-

 € 90.000,-

 Euro klasse IV

 € 75.000,-

 € 150.000,-

 Euro klasse V

 € 125.000,-

 € 250.000,-

 Euro klasse VI

 € 250.000,-

 € 500.000,-

Burglary certification according to EN 14 450, ESSA, ECB-S (Security level 1 and 2)

These European standards were developed to classify lighter, burglary resistant safes, those more suitable for light business or domestic use.  The labels S1 and S2 are displayed on the inside of the door and insurers require that the safe is well anchored to a wall or the floor to benefit from the insurance rating.  These are also called Security level 1 and 2.


 Insurance rating cash

 Insurance rating valuables

 Securitylevel 1

 € 2.500,-

 € 5.000,-

 Securitylevel 2

 € 5.000,-

 € 9.000,-




ECB-SESSA, the European Security Systems Association, is an independent institute aims to provide clear and uniform test methods, standardization and certification of safes lock and test institutes.

The ESSA certified products display a blue ECBS-label, on this label you can find the most important features of the safe; to which standard it has been tested, the certificate number; the resistance grade, the weight and the year of fabrication. This ECB-S certificate can be found on the inside of the door and offers the buyer the reassurance that its safe complies with the highest European standards

Please note: all safes under 1000 kg must to be fixed to the floor or wall properly.

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