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Storage cabinets for gas and oxygen bottles (deluxe)

Discover our special PAN box for safe outdoor storage of gas cylinders. The box is solidly built with steel panels and adjustable legs so that the structure is sturdy and stable. All parts are well protected against rust and damage. The box is equipped with a safety lock to protect your gas cylinders.
· Adjustable feet for fixing to the ground
· Equipped with a PVC gutter to drain rainwater
· Doors with an anti-intrusion grille with safety lock
· Equipped with continuous earthing for each piece (FARADAY CAGE)
· Equipped with fixing holes to expand with multiple modules
· Composite roof made of corrugated board fixed on a bearing base of painted steel
Art. nr. Model External measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Weight (kg)
PAN01 Storage cabinet PAN01 2400 x 960 x 880 262
PAN02 Storage cabinet PAN02 2400 x 1760 x 880 377
PAN03 Storage cabinet PAN03 2400 x 1840 x 880 448
PAN04 Storage cabinet PAN04 2400 x 2640 x 880 568
PAN05 Storage cabinet PAN05 2400 x 1760 x 1680 550
PAN06 Storage cabinet PAN06 2400 x 3440 x 880 683
PAN07 Storage cabinet PAN07 2400 x 4320 x 880 875
PAN08 Storage cabinet PAN08 2400 x 3440 x 1680 909
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