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Safety cabinets gas and oxygen bottles -60 minutes

Fire resistant according to:
EN 14470-2 60 minutes Offers protection against fire for 60 minutes

Gas or oxygen bottles should be stored safely. When a fire breaks out, you don't want the bottles to explode. De Raat Security Products has a suitable solution for storing these bottles both indoors and outdoors.
Safety cabinets - EN 14470-2 30 minutes
Our fire-resistant security cabinets to EN 14470-2 standard offer an exceptional level of fire safety. The security cabinets are designed to protect your oxygen and gas bottles for 30 minutes in the event of a fire. Advanced technologies and durable materials keep cylinders safely stored, even in an emergency.
Safety cabinets - EN 14470-2 60 minutes
For situations where a higher level of fire protection is required, choose a safety cabinet with a fire resistance of 60 minutes according to EN 14470-2. These safety cabinets offer an extra half-hour of protection in the event of a fire and are a great choice for environments where safety and regulatory compliance are paramount.
· B60G30 and B60G120 are fire-resistant according to EN 14470-2 (type 30)
B60G60 is fire-resistant according to EN 14470-2 (type 60)
· The door(s) close automatically at a temperature of 50 °C or higher
· The ventilation holes close automatically at a temperature of 70 °C or higher according to DIN 4102-6
· Prepared for an external ventilation unit with a Ø100 mm passageway
· Spare parts are easy to replace
· Key lock (incl. 2 keys)
· Equipped with chains to secure the gas-oxygen cylinders
· Equipped with warning symbols in accordance with ISO 3864
· Loading ramp for easy entry of gas and oxygen cylinders
Art. nr. Model External measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Internal measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Weight (kg) Capacity (liters)
B60G60 Safety cabinet B60G60 2050 x 700 x 600 1780 x 500 x 365 275 325
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