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Privacy Policy and Support for De Raat Safes Guide


### Privacy Policy and Support for De Raat Safes Guide

**Welcome to De Raat Safes Guide!**

De Raat Safes Guide is your trusted companion in searching for and finding the best-matching safes. We are committed to ensuring your privacy and providing you with the support you need. This document outlines our approach to handling your data and how you can get in touch with us for support.

#### Privacy Policy

**Data Collection and Use**

In the operation of the De Raat Safes Guide app, your privacy is a top priority:

- **Data Collection**: Our app does not require real user logins. Instead, we utilize anonymous logins to connect with our MongoDB Realm server.

- **Data Usage**: Any data collected is strictly for app functionality, ensuring you have a smooth experience in finding the right safe.

- **Data Protection**: To safeguard your data, we use standard AES-256 encryption, a robust and secure method of encryption used widely for securing sensitive information.

**Your Rights**

As a De Raat Safes Guide user, you have certain rights:

- **Data Access**: Given the anonymous nature of our login system, personal data is not directly identifiable.

- **Opt-Out and Data Deletion**: You may opt out of data collection by ceasing to use the app. However, as our system uses anonymous logins, there is no specific user data to delete.

**Changes to the Privacy Policy**

- Our privacy policy may be updated in response to app updates or changes in legal requirements. Any significant changes will be communicated through an app update

#### Support

**Contact Us**

If you need assistance or have any inquiries regarding De Raat Safes Guide, please contact us at:

- **Support Email**: [](

- **Response Time**: We strive to respond to all queries promptly, typically within 48 hours.


**Frequently Asked Questions**

- *Q: Do I need to create an account to use De Raat Safes Guide?*

  - A: No, our app uses anonymous logins for simplicity and privacy.


- *Q: How is my data protected in the app?*

  - A: Your data is secured using standard AES-256 encryption, ensuring high-level security and confidentiality.

Thank you for using De Raat Safes Guide. Your privacy and satisfaction are paramount to us. For any further questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out.

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