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Rental lockers

Rental lockers

It is nice to be able to safely store your belongings in theaters, stations or amusement parks. For this purpose, intelligent lockers can be equipped with the locker rental module. The locker management system eliminates the need for personnel to issue keys for each locker. The user can checkout directly. This constitutes a good service for the visitor and at the same time a revenue model for the operator.

Renting a locker

There are several ways in which the customer can claim a locker. The customer can rent a locker through the terminal on the locker wall. Here the customer can choose from a desired size locker the desired duration of use. Then the customer can checkout at the payment terminal in the locker wall. 

Another option is to use a QR code at the locker wall to send the customer to the webapp where the locker can be rented. Through the webapp, payment is completed after which the rented locker will open. 

Collecting your belongings

When the customer returns to the locker to collect the contents, the same PIN, QR code or barcode can be used to open the locker and complete the transaction. 

Of course, it may happen that the customer may use a locker longer than previously anticipated. A choice can be made to have the additional charges incurred paid first before the customer's locker can be opened.

Locker terminal interface

Link the locker management system to the operator's bank account, allowing payments from each rental to be credited directly. Linking to the digital payment system creates a completely cashless locker system.

Locker management

The administrator can log in remotely to provide support for (user) problems and perform administrator tasks. The administrator can also open lockers remotely when, for example, a locker remains occupied for too long. If desired, reports can also be sent to the administrator so that there is insight into the turnover and what the peak and off-peak hours are.

Emergency release

When the power supply is suddenly interrupted and the lockers are no longer connected to the terminal, it is nice if visitors can still access their belongings. For this purpose, the emergency unlocking function has been developed on the smart lockers. 

General Data Protection Regulation

The software on the smart lockers complies with the GDPR legislation. Personal data are only exchanged if they are really necessary in combination with the software.  


If desired, the compartments can be equipped with charging facilities for cell phones or laptops, for example. Also, the appearance of the locker cabinets can be adapted to the house style/interior of the operator's company. Optionally, the lockers can be equipped with a detection rail. In this way, it can be automated that the locker is released as soon as the locker is found to be empty and the rental has already ended.


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