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April 26, 2022

De Raat starts collaboration with Oxolutions

 De Raat Security Products has entered into a partnership with Oxolutions B.V. with this, De Raat is expanding its range with intuitive, smart and space-saving locker systems called Blinkaspace. The beating heart of this system is the software: intelligent, reliable and flexible. By configuring the application of locker cabinets, lock and software in a smart way, almost any desired working method 

can be realised. The possibilities are therefore endless. In addition, the software can also be fully integrated into existing systems. This includes CRM software, planning software, access control systems, pharmacy information systems, student tracking systems, logistics systems, personnel systems, web stores or time registration systems. This automatically makes a locker solution an integrated part of the entire business.

This is done with the Processo software program. Processo is an intelligent hub between Blinkaspace and used internal systems. Example applications of intelligent locker systems in combination with Processo are for example, making visible whether lent products

 have been returned on time. For example, laptops for shared use or valuable business assets such as PDAs and measuring equipment. The solution has been realised for the police to monitor whether the police officer has stored the service weapon in the weapon safe before clocking out and to prevent the police officer from leaving the building with his service weapon outside of duty.

Applications for the high-quality intelligent wardrobe and compartment systems include industry, recreation, healthcare, sports and education. The program also includes systems for electronic cloakroom, luggage storage, product issuance, weapons storage and postal and parcel services with applications to the police, army, (wholesale) trade and logistics. The intelligence behind 

Blinkaspace has been developed entirely by Oxolutions and has amply proven its quality and reliability in recent years. Within the various systems, a wide variety of opening systems are available, with or without a link to payment systems.

For De Raat, the collaboration contributes to the further strengthening and diversity of the delivery program. It offers Oxolutions oppurtunities to further expand its market share in the market for intelligent systems.

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